Marie Laveau


Tonight I paid tribute to Marie Laveau. I recently had a reading done and she came up in the cards. Oddly enough I received this statue weeks before this reading but I had never lit a candle for her. So since she had been reaching out to me, I decided to go ahead and see what the wise woman has to say.

Can’t forget about the Ghede


What can I say, I love the Ghede! Bawon Samedi! He found me and first. And he treats me like a son. I love Papa Ghede and I walk with him daily. Ayibobo! He is currently a little lonely and beckons that I pull Maman up for him.

— She is coming. I will make her for you this weekend.

This Baron doll always, and I mean always gets himself into trouble. He is currently traveling about the country getting out and seeing the world. But we are most definitely attached, as he forced the person that I left him with to come to my state after I separated with them while away from home. Either way, Bawon Samedi, the Ghede and spirit I walk with more often than naught. There isn’t a day or a libation that is poured out where he isn’t a part of –Unless it’s to Dambala.

Osuns Bawon


Greetings everybody,

Call me Bawon. Upon my entry into this world my spirit spun from the Sun and landed in New Orleans, Louisiana. When my mother attempted to hold me, the heat from the journey and my body burned her, so she dropped me in the mud of the river in Mississippi. Thus my skin cooled to clay and I became man. I wasn’t always Vodun, at least in my young mind I was raised Southern Baptist under my Grandfather, even to the point to where before the age of 13 I was a deacon in the church. Yet with that strong fear of God, I was always a little weird.

Fast forward a decade and some change and at 24-25 I just walked away from the Church’s ideals completely. Surely Mawu-Lisa didn’t give us the right knowledge just to be here. I was bored at work, stuck in my life so I said screw it and picked up Vodun. Now while, Osun is the Orisha I am choosing to reverence while introducing myself. I love you mama. I got some friends on the other side that found me and I heard their calling.

I am not looking to be a teacher. Not looking to be your friend. I just want to show and record my experience and understanding of Vodun with the world as i am, and as a I grow. Please don’t be afraid to knock on my door. Make sure you bring only the finest Libations if you do, my spirits are thirsty. Until the next hour we speak.

–Bawon Aswadee