Can’t forget about the Ghede


What can I say, I love the Ghede! Bawon Samedi! He found me and first. And he treats me like a son. I love Papa Ghede and I walk with him daily. Ayibobo! He is currently a little lonely and beckons that I pull Maman up for him.

— She is coming. I will make her for you this weekend.

This Baron doll always, and I mean always gets himself into trouble. He is currently traveling about the country getting out and seeing the world. But we are most definitely attached, as he forced the person that I left him with to come to my state after I separated with them while away from home. Either way, Bawon Samedi, the Ghede and spirit I walk with more often than naught. There isn’t a day or a libation that is poured out where he isn’t a part of –Unless it’s to Dambala.


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