I am….

Through everything in life, I am still a child. Somebody’s child at least. At no point did I decide, hey I am an adult today. I take care of business as I am supposed to, and every so often I look up and realize I’m a bit further in my life and I have a lot of questions I forgot to ask. I am in a position where my talents are on the cusps of my fingertips and either my doubt, my fear, or even my lack of application has prevented me from becoming who I am, who I say I am, and who others see me as. Could be A combination of all of the above. A healthy sense of self confidence is not as easy to uphold when you are trying to stay humble. The richest place of ideas is the graveyard. Ungrasped potential, Time wasted doing nothing, listening to the little voices in your head that don’t scream “You can’t do it!”, but give a quick whisper when you have the bright idea that could change your life and the world. 

“Damballah–what do I care?”

Do I fear the anticipation of a man’s negativity to the point to where I toss all potential of a blessing? Are my ideals that fragile? Do I doubt myself so much that I sceam for change, yet I’m not comfortable enough to listen to the forces around me telling me when to go? All bark and no bite Bawon? Is that what they will know you as? Or will you take it upon yourself to bring Vodun to the world in a positive light for your culture? You asked for a pillar to stand on, and your time is now. You can make anything happen. Get out of your own way and make it happen. It shouldn’t be this hard. 


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