Control Issues

​A man worrying about what a woman wears, thinks, or acts in public is counteractive to the relationship. I’ll tell you why. 

1st off- If’n he got to know the real you then there wouldn’t be any issues or surprises as to when you step out in whatever attire you wear, speak however it is you speak, and do whatever it is you do. 

2nd- YOU DONT OWN THAT WOMAN, so to think for one second you can tell her what she can and can’t wear, bruh you got the game effed up. You can SUGGEST what you like to see and whatnot, but dude she ain’t gotta come back home at night.

3rd- you ain’t her daddy, you have no God given right at anytime to tell her what the hell to wear. These dudes got it bent, a woman CHOOSES to be with you. SHE AINT OBLIGATED. Whatever your concern of hers is in a negative light, you need to keep it pumping, there’s 5:1 women to men ratio, shut up and let the next man handle that melanin.


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