Divination of Love (Roe)


Card 1- State of the Affair

Rada Simbi (Inverted)

Divination- Magick not used. Possible under application of force for, in contrast, a petty end. Simple means were used when it required something more potentially more detailed. Stable- lack luster results.

The Market (Inverted)

Divination- A lack of realization upon which your works or very existence depends; slow change of fortune.

Card 3- Future Influences

Congo Mambo (Inverted)

Divination- Possible assistance on the way, if open to the possibility of such. If not assistance can be missed. Chances are this individual is a woman with dark eyes.

Card 4- Influences on the visible spectrum

Gros Bon Agne (inverted)

Divination- Lack of helpful energy, or influx of resisting energy. Success probably not earned via effort. Love isn’t freely given in regards to object; sadness; depression. Particular love rather than universal love.

Card 5- Influences on the invisible spectrum

Erzulie Freda Dahomey

Divination- Imaginings beyond possibly. The jolt of shattered dreams.


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