The Santeria Experience

Just finished reading this book The Santeria Experience- A Journey into the Miraculous by author Migene Gonzalez Wippler. I picked up the book awhile ago at some used book store around my mom’s house when I first got into Vodun, or rather began looking for something entertaining and at least somewhat insightful on the Spirituality. I had ran through all of the YouTube videos I could find, and after I had gotten a reading from Mambo Odette about my teacher being a man, I was reaching out at basically any type of information I could find on EVERYTHING leading out of Africa. 

I had remembered reading how the Afro- Cuban slaves of the Diaspora had began the traditions of Santeria and figured this would be a good book to read, as I was stepping out of Christianity and it’s Catholic themes and rules might have provided a bit of struture in my life. I mean as long as we keep into account the syncritism of the religions there shouldn’t be much confusion over what the intentions of the workings are.

While there are three different renditions of the book, I picked up the latest which the author describes in detail different instances in her life where her experiences with Santeria could be clearly recanted, and how it shifted and affected her relationships. While the author does not provide the deep internal secrets of Santeria, she does give a next to beginner instructional guide of how to go about delving deeper into the religion, if you can manage to think of the right questions and do a little digging yourself. As well, the author provides a little book of spells in the end of the book for the reader to try and practice at home. 

All in all the book is vastly entertaining and I would recommend to anyone looking to just get a bit more knowledge of different cultures, would like to see how Vodou connects throughout the world, or even wants to get started in Santeria. 

Hope this review helped, Enjoy!


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