Enter 21 Divisions

Hello Mystics, 

it has been awhile since I have written here, and as such- I pray everyone has been in good spirits! Looking back at the stuff I was posting back then *EESH*. Time to change all of that. Reintroducing myself, especially for the new readers here- Jeff Kent, otherwise known to the “Masses” as Bawon. Knowing what I know now, I do not like that title, it stems from a time where I thought I was “cool”, or honestly a bit more than I was. I will only continue to go by that name as a simple handle, and nothing more.

Moving on! Since we last spoke I had been looking to venture into a spiritual house within Haitian Vodou. I have an adoration for the lwa  and their mysteries . The orisha…. I find their beauty in the Mpungo under the sciences of Palo. I was approached by a “Blanc” down in Louisiana, whom said Ogou  Feray had something for me, however looking back at it, I would rather get my lwa from someone indigenous to the culture, or who has a higher application of melanin. I would have been initiating into his assongwe tradition/ lineage of Haitian Vodou. 

For those of you who do not know what “Assongwe” means, it refers to the lineage or line of which Haitian tradition that society practices. There are many different, traditions or lineages. The assongwe lineage serves with the Asson, a spiritual rattle, used to call down the lwa.

Had I continued down that path, I would have:

  1.  Been initiated into the Assongwe  lineage of Vodou possibly under Mama Lola’ s lineage.
  2. Paid 1000% too much. White man cannot give me vodou, (while vodou is for everyone) they can hardly receive it.  I was originally advised $7,000.00, but he dropped it to $5,000.00…(yay).
  3.  Been initiated under a Oungan, into a house, who I don’t have a relationship with. Not the best idea.

So fast forward to today, I have stepped into the path of initiating fully into a house within 21 Divisions Vudú. I received *Ki Loa Tet* from my now spiritual father whom in my lineage, we acknowledge as a, Papa Boko. I received my mysteries during my 27th birthday (literally). I take that as a HUGE spiritual sign that we are walking in the right direction. I’ve gained new friends, I have lost old acquaintances as well- I have learned more about who I am as a man. I am happy to serve The Misterios. I pray that I serve them well, I pray that I uphold the religion.
Gracias La Misericordia.



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