Hard Work

​You can’t expect to sneak your way into the company of hardworkers and success. Just because you feel it’s your time to shine, doesn’t mean you get to knock out the individuals who worked to get there before you. 
Heavy is the head that wears the crown, but the resolve keeps it balanced in place.


We read, fear, and fantasize about them all the time, yet are we aware of when we come across one? In fact, I’m aware of vampires who don’t even know they are vampires. Energy hounds, they will drain you of your positivity and do it with a smile on their face. Beware of the empty conversations that lead to nowhere. Beware of the likenesses and constant struggle for partnership or affection. These people will see your worth well before you do. They will cling to your essence and allow it to fuel their own desires and manifestations. Your personal time and energy are important. Value it, seek it, protect it at all cost– it is the only refuge you have.

–Bawon Aswadee