Madam Lavaeu- strengthening the deck.

It’s raining outside so I couldn’t put the cornmeal on the ground like normal….guess Oya wasn’t having that. No worries, I dropped some mason jars outside to collect some essence of summer. But that’s for another time.Tonight I seek a closer connection to Madam Marie Laveau. Madam is one of the spirits I speak with when performing a divination.  This is a tiny  peak into my reading altar and divination set up.. If’n you want a reading please contact me via email at . or send me a message on here. I would be glad to respond as soon as possible. $10.00 for a 10 card reading. I perform my readings via email. So ask a question and I will petition it to the Lwa and we can receive your answers. Good luck out there.


Divination of Love (Roe)


Card 1- State of the Affair

Rada Simbi (Inverted)

Divination- Magick not used. Possible under application of force for, in contrast, a petty end. Simple means were used when it required something more potentially more detailed. Stable- lack luster results.

The Market (Inverted)

Divination- A lack of realization upon which your works or very existence depends; slow change of fortune.

Card 3- Future Influences

Congo Mambo (Inverted)

Divination- Possible assistance on the way, if open to the possibility of such. If not assistance can be missed. Chances are this individual is a woman with dark eyes.

Card 4- Influences on the visible spectrum

Gros Bon Agne (inverted)

Divination- Lack of helpful energy, or influx of resisting energy. Success probably not earned via effort. Love isn’t freely given in regards to object; sadness; depression. Particular love rather than universal love.

Card 5- Influences on the invisible spectrum

Erzulie Freda Dahomey

Divination- Imaginings beyond possibly. The jolt of shattered dreams.

Control Issues

​A man worrying about what a woman wears, thinks, or acts in public is counteractive to the relationship. I’ll tell you why. 

1st off- If’n he got to know the real you then there wouldn’t be any issues or surprises as to when you step out in whatever attire you wear, speak however it is you speak, and do whatever it is you do. 

2nd- YOU DONT OWN THAT WOMAN, so to think for one second you can tell her what she can and can’t wear, bruh you got the game effed up. You can SUGGEST what you like to see and whatnot, but dude she ain’t gotta come back home at night.

3rd- you ain’t her daddy, you have no God given right at anytime to tell her what the hell to wear. These dudes got it bent, a woman CHOOSES to be with you. SHE AINT OBLIGATED. Whatever your concern of hers is in a negative light, you need to keep it pumping, there’s 5:1 women to men ratio, shut up and let the next man handle that melanin.

Hard Work

​You can’t expect to sneak your way into the company of hardworkers and success. Just because you feel it’s your time to shine, doesn’t mean you get to knock out the individuals who worked to get there before you. 
Heavy is the head that wears the crown, but the resolve keeps it balanced in place.

Ogou Feray! Papa!

Ogou O, wa de zanj
Le m sonje petit an mwen chwal an mwe
Chwal an mwen parenn Ogou chwal an mwe
Le m sonje petit an mwen chwal an mwe

Ogou O, djab-la di lap manje mwen si sre vre?
Pa fout vre
Ogou o, djab la di lap manje mwen si sre vre?

Men gen Bondye, O gen lessen-yo
Djab-la di lap manje mwen sa pa vre
Sa pa vre ti moun-yo se pa vre
Sa se jwet ti moun-yo sa se blag.

Awoche Nago!


The enemies in your life will come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. Remember for every new level, there is a new devil. Keep your wits about you, the patterns are there, but don’t fall to your emotions–they are fleeting and takes you out of logical thought. Relax-remain humble and weather the storm. You will make it out alright.

I am….

Through everything in life, I am still a child. Somebody’s child at least. At no point did I decide, hey I am an adult today. I take care of business as I am supposed to, and every so often I look up and realize I’m a bit further in my life and I have a lot of questions I forgot to ask. I am in a position where my talents are on the cusps of my fingertips and either my doubt, my fear, or even my lack of application has prevented me from becoming who I am, who I say I am, and who others see me as. Could be A combination of all of the above. A healthy sense of self confidence is not as easy to uphold when you are trying to stay humble. The richest place of ideas is the graveyard. Ungrasped potential, Time wasted doing nothing, listening to the little voices in your head that don’t scream “You can’t do it!”, but give a quick whisper when you have the bright idea that could change your life and the world. 

“Damballah–what do I care?”

Do I fear the anticipation of a man’s negativity to the point to where I toss all potential of a blessing? Are my ideals that fragile? Do I doubt myself so much that I sceam for change, yet I’m not comfortable enough to listen to the forces around me telling me when to go? All bark and no bite Bawon? Is that what they will know you as? Or will you take it upon yourself to bring Vodun to the world in a positive light for your culture? You asked for a pillar to stand on, and your time is now. You can make anything happen. Get out of your own way and make it happen. It shouldn’t be this hard. 


We read, fear, and fantasize about them all the time, yet are we aware of when we come across one? In fact, I’m aware of vampires who don’t even know they are vampires. Energy hounds, they will drain you of your positivity and do it with a smile on their face. Beware of the empty conversations that lead to nowhere. Beware of the likenesses and constant struggle for partnership or affection. These people will see your worth well before you do. They will cling to your essence and allow it to fuel their own desires and manifestations. Your personal time and energy are important. Value it, seek it, protect it at all cost– it is the only refuge you have.

–Bawon Aswadee